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About Us

The writers at Trading Forex For Living have been trading forex and coaching forex beginners for the past 10 years. While 10 years is not a very long time, we have been through enough ups and downs, gains and losses, elation and disappointment to understand what it truly means to make money through forex trading.


We believe that, while it is possible to make money through forex trading, you must possess a good foundation in how forex actually works, a desire to constantly learn and up your game, and, an ability to suppress your natural emotional responses to the situation before you.


It’s not easy; otherwise every other forex trader is a millionaire! However, in TradingForexForLiving.com, we will share the knowledge with you, and how we did it. With our candid advice and easy-to-follow tips, we are sure you can learn enough to move closer to making money off forex. We will definitely help you, if you help yourself.